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Website Design and Development Feedback – Guide for the Novices

Feedback is a word that at times is motivating and at times irritating. Feedback is all about the effect of the website designed and developed by you. The feedback depends primarily on the perception of the person who visits your website and gets back to you with complements, comments or criticism.

Importance of feedback

Most of the experts believe that feedback is simultaneously the first and the last step in marketing of any product or services and this applies to website designing and developing too. A feedback can reveal the weak points, flaws or bugs in the website. The mistakes can be corrected before any major harm is done to the business. At the end of the day it is the visitor of the website who runs the business. If the visitor likes the website then the website is going to generate business but if the website is not liked by the visitor then it will not be able to generate any business. This makes the feedback from the visitor very crucial for any successful website.

When can a feedback be motivating and when can it be irritating?

If you, as a website designer have put in hours and days of effort in designing and developing the business, a positive feedback can be one of the best motivators. At the same time, despite striving for perfectionism, if any visitor gives you a negative feedback it can be very irritating because usually at that point of time you fail to find or accept any flaw in the website.

Some ways to seek feedback

Feedback from within the community

This means that the source of the feedback is the people who are in the same field/industry that you belong to. In this case the feedback is sought from the community of web designers and graphic designers. Now these people are experts or at least know something about the work that you have done. They know the current trend of the market and the quality standards of the website that are popular among the masses.

Feedback from people external to the community

Most of the people buying the products or services from your website are hardly concerned with the technicalities involved in designing of the website. They are just concerned with the looks and the effectiveness of the website. Finally these are people that will generate revenue to run the website. Seeking feedback from these people can help to make the website street smart.

Feedback Service Providers

There are companies that provide the services of providing you with feedback about nearly each and every aspect of the website that you have prepared. The feedback report in this case can be customized and specific. Some of the services providers conduct polls and surveys to generate an unbiased feedback report.

Response of any work is very important to get the knowledge of completed task. It help us to get expert opinion, it will be helpful to make work more accurate and trendy. Specially in work of web design and web development.

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