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Web Designing – Use of Mind Mapping Tools

Mind Mapping is one of the best ways to make your task of web designing easy. Mind Mapping is about creatively organizing words, ideas and task and interconnecting them so that the task is easily completed or the issue is easily resolved. Mind-Mapping helps at website designing and writing its content too. At first thought a web designer may not find the mind-mapping tool to be very useful but a second thought can make the designer think differently. With the help of mind-mapping the creativity can be properly channeled. The issues related to development of the website can be resolved very easily.

There are many advantages of mind mapping. It helps to expand the ideas that already exist in the designer’s mind. It increases the motivation of the designer. It assists in strategic planning. With the help of this past mistakes can be easily explored and promptly addressed. The thoughts can be easily cleared and clarified. The thinking skills can be sharpened. The imagination of the designer can be given new wings.

Some of the prominent tools for mind mapping are as follows

This tool applies the mind mapping concepts to web designing. With the help of this tool various elements can be collaborated in real time. This tool allows the user to create, share and manage. This tool can be accessed from anywhere. Multiple users can use this tool simultaneously. The changes being made to the mind map can be seen by others.

This tool adds power to mind maps by blending the Web2.0 with vectorial languages likes VML and SVG. This tool does not need any plug-in.

Cmap Tools:
The Cmap Tools program allows the user to create, share, navigate and even criticize the concept make that represent the models of knowledge. With the help of this tool the designer can create Cmaps in the personal computer. The user can share the Cmaps and link them to other Cmaps too. The user is facilitated with automatic creation of the web pages of the concept maps that are on the servers. The editing of the map can be synchronized with other internet users. The designer with the help of this tool can conduct the search for relevant information about concept map.

This tool is web based. It is free to access. This tools runs in the browser of the web (web browser). The central database on the server is the storage device for all the information.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP:
This tool is one of the best tools for visual organization. This tool offers accesses to information for all the organizations and even individual design service providers.

Mapul, iMindMap, Mindjet, Xmind Pro, MyThoughts for Mac, DropMind and Mind42 are some other tools that the web designer can use.

In web design and web development, there are plenty of online readymade tools are available. Such clever tools are useful and made developers and designer’s task easy and creative. But depends how individuals can effectively use it.

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