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Tips to Choose a Professional Ecommerce Developer

August 7th, 2018

In the online marketing arena, developing and maintaining a well-equipped e-commerce site is the key to success. E-commerce is an effective tool which can improve the productivity of the business within a short span of time, but you need to have a well-built e-commerce site which is crafted according to the expectations of the customers. Therefore, it is important to find the best e-commerce developers to create a powerful e-commerce site that is unique and packed with beneficial features.

Customers mainly look for user friendly features like easy navigation, faster access, flexible options, easy to use, reliable, efficient, and elegantly organized sites to look for products. So, you need to pick a professional e-commerce solution provider who can develop a captivating e-commerce site within a short span of time. However, identifying expert e-commerce developers is a tedious and time consuming process because there are numerous web developers in the present days.

Here are some effective tips that might assist in identifying a professional e-commerce solution provider:

Verify the solution provider’s credentials and years of experience: Nowadays, web developers are available in large numbers so you should check out their additional certification and achievement to pick out the best one.

Check out the e-commerce solution provider’s programming skills: You need to look for a professional website developer who is up-to-date in different types of web programming languages, because you cannot create an e-commerce site by making use of just one programming language.

Look into their previous projects: You should first look into the provider’s previous projects to know more about their programming skills. Professional e-commerce developers will incorporate modern features and programming languages like to design the website because new languages are easy to use, incorporate many flexible features and requires less coding.

Examine the solution provider’s online shopping cart designs: Check their online shopping cart to understand the tools and strategies which he has implemented. You should also use the shopping cart to examine its functionality because just traditional shopping cart may not satisfy the expectation of current customers who are looking for faster and safer access.

Consult with the web developer: After examining all the key factors, just interact with him to know about his innovative strategies, tools, techniques, reliability and responsibility. If he is capable of offering valuable suggestions, tips and ideas to enhance your expectations then you can quite sure about his professionalism. You should also explain your expectation and budget with the e-commerce developer to know his flexible and adaptable nature.

XHTML Development: A Necessity for Lively Websites

August 6th, 2018

With the rising online marketing more and more companies are preferring internet marketing as the medium to promote their company and advertising about their products and services. For an effective website one needs to take the services from the IT companies that provide various development services including XHTML development. XHTML is a technique used to create like-minded websites that are compatible in every kind of browsers without any problems. It is a merger of HTML and XML which helps in bringing consistency and stability in the document structure. It is W3C standard, which ensures that the documents can be easily used by code parsers and web browsers.

If you are chosen for PSD to HTML conversion method one needs to be cautious with the markup validation. HTML or XHTML whichever is used as it needs to be validated for high rankings on the search engine.

There are various advantages of adopting the XHTML validation process such as:

  • Websites will load faster in all web browsers to the convenience of the visitors, which increases your rank in the search engines.
  • Cross-browser compatibility is a significant factor and is another vital aspect that adds on to the overall success of any website.
  • It complements the content uploaded and gives it an attractive look that attracts visitors and guarantee high online exposure.

It is a highly acknowledged fact that smaller the file size of the images used in a web page, the faster the web page will load in all browsers. Thus the very idea of image slicing makes the design stretchy, scalable to whatever content it is asked to include. This technique gives the website a reliable appearance, regardless of which web browser they have, what dimension of monitor they have, and what screen resolution is being used. Slicing your graphics is given for the primary level of protection that protects the client’s creative property.

Through the help of XHTML, the web developers can write HTML to ensure the compliance to the stricter rules of XML. As HTML and XHTML are quite alike, it is predictable that developers will find it simple to change their websites to the XML way of working on things. There are various XHTML development companies that offer outstanding services at reasonable rates enhancing the development of the website. The procedure of developing an XHTML document starts with doc-type declaration characterizing the whole website. The most widespread among all pothers is XHTML 1.0 transitional, along with others and there are free validation services, which verify the appropriate coding of your website.

Focus on Some Key Aspects to Make the Most of Your Low Cost Web Design

August 5th, 2018

To increase the visibility of your business, you cannot ignore that advantage of having a website, which is the most viable means to get the attention of a maximum number of prospective clients. Having an effective website may need a considerable investment. But if you are new entrepreneur with a shoestring budget, you have no other way than opting for low cost web development.

Contrary to the common perception that low cost web development fails to make a positive impact to a business, it is pretty capable of doing its bit only if the design and the functionality conforms to the basic requirements. On the basis of your site objectives, business base and market competition, you can design the website while remaining faithful to the greater goal – revenue.

One thing to note is that functionality and design are not mutually exclusive and the whole page must reflect a balance between the two. Let’s have a brief discussion of what a low cost website should be in terms of features.

Functionality over aesthetics: Though often overlapping, functionality should precede design because it is after all a platform where a client comes in contact with your business. Unnecessary importance over the aesthetics can lead the website designer to ignore issues like neat user interface, navigation etc.

Focus on user needs: In case of low cost web development, the designers tend to create a good look and feel by using images and other graphic elements. These things do make the site noticeable, but if the visitor does not find the information he is looking for, the dazzling effects created by images come to nothing. Make sure that the site offers information regarding products, stock, price, and other such things.

Determine your goal: One of the major considerations regarding low cost web development involves the goal behind having a website. Your website may have different objectives like selling product, creating a forum for discussion, publishing personal blogs, or promoting third-party products. Only the appropriate features for each of these kinds of goals should be incorporated in the site.

Quality content: Posting good content does not need much investment and it is the content that will make a difference to your website. Regardless of the budget you have, good and informative content on your website will be the most crucial step to a successful website. If the visitors get their desired materials immediately after landing on the site, chances of success will be greater.

User interaction: Even with low cost, you can create a website that will be the most effective, provided the site has interactive features. A responsive navigation system with a breadcrumbs feature and pop-up windows will be helpful in ensuring a good user experience.

Design of a website is a secondary aspect and should take a backseat in low cost web development. A little focus on the basic requirements and tailoring the functionality to complement them can give you your money’s worth. But the more important thing is the objectives of a site. Unless the site has the required functionalities, it will serve no purpose.