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Zen Cart ECommerce Development – Perfect Platform for Online Shopping Sites

August 16th, 2018

Zen Cart is an open source PHP platform, used to design and develop highly interactive and user friendly eCommerce websites. The framework is used more often, compared to other open source platforms, because of the flexibilities and features it offers to the users. It is also obtainable and accessible for free under the GNU and that helps saving a lot on the cost part. This is one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of this platform.

With Zen Cart, it is really very easy to install and manage things from backend. The admin section is so user friendly that even a non technical person can easily understand the system in no time and can perform all tasks easily and swiftly. It also offers multilingual support feature that makes it easier to develop sites in many different languages.

Another advantage of the platform is, it supports multiple currencies and allows the integration of several different payment gateways. This unique feature makes it a globally accepted eCommerce website development platform.

Zen Cart eCommerce Development has become a regular website designing and development practice for many service providing companies as a part of their PHP development services Due to the increasing demand of this platform at global level, in many PHP web development companies, now we can find a separate development team or unit that works only on this framework. So finding resources is not at all a tough job.

There are numerous PHP web development companies in India that offer Zen Cart eCommerce Designing and Development Services since the inception of the framework. India is considered to be an outsourcing zone that offers a perfect blend of high quality and low cost web development and designing services. That is why more and more companies now outsource all their IT requirements to India. These services are available on monthly as well as per project basis where clients can hire Zen Cart Template Designers easily and on need basis.

Some globally and highly demanded services of this framework are:

  • template designing and template development
  • template integration and template customization
  • theme designing
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Online Shopping Website etc.

Zen Cart based websites offer great flexibilities with easy to use and manage products feature, client management module, pricing information management, separate payment processing and shipping information management module, newsletters and order management feature and many more. Some other popular and useful features are unlimited category depth, discount coupon integration, coupon management, multiple customer and display modules, multiple sales & discount modules and so on.

Zen Cart eCommerce platform has been a revolutionary invention in the field of online shopping cart. It has completely changed the concept and way of doing business over the internet!

Role of PHP in Web Designing Company

August 15th, 2018

PHP is most demanding & widely used technology in website designing company. PHP is an open source language for easily building active web pages & provide us an easier way to accomplish web related programming tasks. You can find out the availability of any feature which you want to use to create your website within its community whether it is available for your or not?

It is also the fastest to use. Any applications which are written using the PHP is very fast and very secure. So if your website has an application written in PHP, you know your system is secure.

It is friendly website & is easy downloadable from internet free of cost without spending a penny form your pocket. Its large usability has made this language so popular among the website designing company because it provides a wide variety of functionality for them. It suits the various needs and requirements of our project and provides us a complete package of Web Designing Solutions. PHP can be run on almost all operating systems such as Windows-x and Linux, which makes it more accessible than Windows.

PHP is a language uses for easy creation of active web pages & easy to integrate with web pages. This is one of its most important functions for which most of website designing company liked. It is very important for us to have a website which is cost effective and has not charged a large amount on its web development and designing.

The use of PHP for designing your website allows you to make fast, secure and dynamic web portals with its premium well matched features. The design and edge of this language is also very easily reasonable. It makes your website friendly with most of the popular search engines like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox & Netscape etc. It also provides us a security functions to enables website designing company to make your application protect from various virus and spy ware attacks.

Another plus point of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with MySQL, a mostly use in online database by website designing company. MYSQL is a viable grade database application that is made available free under the Open Source to anyone. If you have very large Organization & have a huge database, the use of PHP enables your website to control the whole database and that too in very less efforts. It helps us to focus on other important aspects of your business instead of struggling with unnecessary database problems.

PHP also helps our website to perform at its best. PHP has lots of server interfaces, database interfaces and other modules available in it. A visitor spends more than 10-15 seconds in the online industry, while surfing for a website, therefore, it is very essential for us that website is so understandable that it does not let go a single visitor without fulfilling its purpose to visit your website.

So PHP is very cheap because PHP is an open source, there is a large community of PHP programmers that help each other with code. This means PHP programmers can rely on each other by using reusable pieces of code called functions and classes rather than continuously reinventing the wheel. This can significantly decrease on production time. And the host companies know that more and more customers are demanding for the use of PHP because it is cheaper for them in the long run, a very interesting thing to consider especially in this day and age of economic disaster.

Best Web Browsers: SeaMonkey Review

August 14th, 2018

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one application suite that has chat, web page editing, web browsing, email and other features. This browser is built on the open source Mozilla Gecko engine. It is ideal for corporate users and web developers who want all-in-one browsing and Internet capabilities.

What makes SeaMonkey so appealing to users is that it has an email client, a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor, and built-in chat in addition to browsing capabilities. It is visually pleasant and has fast load times. Mail features include message filters, junk mail detection, dictionary, add-ons, address book, and support for multiple accounts. The Mozilla Foundation provides hosting this project. SeaMonkey comes with lots of add-ons and extensions such as Adblock Plus, Stylish Sync, Web Developer, and Speed Dial. Its main features include:

• Tabbed browsing
• Tabbed editing for multiple files
• Sync
• Session restore
• Smart location bar
• Safe mode
• Feed detection
• Lightweight themes (Personas)
• Password manager
• Anti-spyware
• Open source development
• Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
• Both a text editor and a WYSIWYG

This software application supports most of the add-ons and extensions compatible with Mozilla Firefox. It also benefits from most of Mozilla’s security functions. SeaMonkey offers enhanced protection against most online threats, including fraudulent phishing websites and viruses. It also provides support for adding special characters and JavaScript to your web pages.

The Add-ons Management allows users to extend their Internet experience both through installing additional features and developing new applications. This browser makes it possible to find and restore recently closed tabs, access mail from several different accounts in a single inbox, and chat online with other users. Cookie, popup, image, password, and form managers are available to help you at any time. This browser has a built-in translator, as well as the legendary Firefox Sync feature.

SeaMonkey is available for download for both Windows and Mac users. This free software allows you to create websites in a snap, add images and text, and edit font size. With the WYSIWYG interface, creating web pages appears to be as easy as creating documents in Microsoft Word, so you don’t need knowledge of HTML code to set up a website. Users can insert images by clicking on the Image button at the top of the screen. SeaMonkey is also an excellent tool for blogging. This is a browser for power users. If you want to surf the Internet, create web pages, or chat your friends, this all-in-one application suite is a great choice.