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Best Free Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 12 Review

August 22nd, 2018

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser developed for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. Its latest version – Firefox 12 – is fast and reliable, offering many advantages over other web browsers. This new version gives you improved video management, enhanced performance, and simplified privacy controls. Other notable features include comprehensive pop-up controls and live bookmarking.

With a streamlined user interface and the latest open web technologies, Firefox 12 is one of the best web browsers on the market. The browser enables easier navigation, featuring innovative applications that are ideal for both advanced and beginner users. Like other browsers, it has adopted a synchronization feature. This new version adds over 80 developer tool improvements and lots of customization through extensions.

Users can download the browser’s latest version from the official website. If you choose it as your default browser, Firefox 12 will automatically install a Windows 7 Taskbar icon. The browser integrates Firefox Sync, giving you access to your bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs. Firefox 12 offers enhanced security features like Do Not Track and Content Security Policy. Those version also has a number of tools and applications that make browsing easier and quicker:

• Syncing for tabs, passwords, extensions, and browsing history
• Pinned sites
• Bookmark organization with Panorama
• Fast JavaScript performance
• Increased accessibility with Find As You Type
• Tab browsing mode
• Comprehensive pop-up controls
• New HTML5 capabilities
• Permissions Manager
• Over 80 developer tools
• CSS-3D transform is supported
• Easy navigation
• Automatic add-on checking

Firefox 12 is an excellent choice for college students and other individuals who conduct online research. The browser’s latest version features virtual sticky notes that can be accessed through the toolbar. Users can save frequently visited sites as icons on the toolbar by using the “pin as app tab” feature. Firefox 12 gives you the ability to integrate third party add-ons, view your tabs as an array of thumbnail images, and create fun applications. Firefox HTML5 support includes 3D graphics, hardware accelerated videos, professional typography, and offline data storage.

This is one of the last remaining browsers that uses separate address and search boxes. A new web developer menu features tools for building and debugging websites on one location. The History and Bookmarks menus have been redesigned. This new version has integrated private browsing. It also offers enhanced protection against spyware, viruses, phishing sires, malware, and pop-ups. Its interface is well organized and intuitive. Packed with innovative features and advanced developer tools, Mozilla Firefox 12 proves to be one of the best free web browsers around.

Web Designer Jobs – Think About Your Future

August 21st, 2018

It should fairly be easy to apply for web designer jobs these days because there are a large amount of online web-based companies that have web designer teams. Many of these companies are more than welcome to have additional team members as long as they are qualified for the team. The qualifications for a web designer job can vary and they are normally stated on the site. Just because you know how to make a website does not mean that you are instantly qualified to join any web design team you like. If you want to join those big groups that have plenty of clients, you should brush up your skills in the following areas.

Adobe Photoshop

You cannot get more professional than Adobe Photoshop when it comes to graphics. This program can be used to create resources and assets for just about all aspects of the website from backgrounds to buttons. If you plan to add some images and other photos to your website, you can do your clients the extra favor to enhance the photos so they look far better on the website. To get the best experience, it is recommended to practice your skills using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop just so that you can show to the team that you are up-to-date with software.

Adobe Fireworks

If Adobe Photoshop is too expensive or the interface is too overwhelming, Adobe Fireworks is a good start because it is more focused on web tools while Adobe Photoshop is leaned towards photography and graphics in general. You will find Adobe Fireworks to be a much easier tool to use if you want to make a prototypes and general layouts of websites. Programming skills are not required so you can freely express your creativity so you can turn the design over to a web developer.


The HTML5 language still isn’t finalized, but a good number of web developers are using the language to create some interesting web applications and even some games. The technology shows that HTML5 may replace the Adobe Flash format one day. But since mobile support for Adobe Flash is dropping, it is safe to say that HTML5 is a good language to study if you are thinking to transition to web development one day. Having knowledge in both web design and web development can greatly boost your chances in joining a nice web designing team or agency.

If you are not confident with your skills, you can always join a smaller web agency so you can brush up your skills. Some of these teams may even provide you with free training and resources. But the best thing is that you can expand your portfolio so you can show to any future teams that you will apply for on how experienced you are as a web designer.

Take Your Web Presence From The Minors To The Big League: Prepare Your Website To Get Results

August 20th, 2018

Business’ websites have evolved beyond marketing afterthoughts. They have become your business’ storefront, its receptionist, its customer service department and its sales team. When it comes to the perception you relay to customers about your business, consider tapping a professional web development and marketing team to make sure your site says it right, from the get-go.

Why Your Website Matters
Your website is almost always the first and sometimes the only part of your business that customers see. Unless you are already privy to a highly skilled web marketing team, taking the solo approach to web design will most likely result in either a demanding and stressful workload for your existing IT gurus or an end product that is difficult to find on search engines and looks unprofessional, unoriginal or unreliable.

Where One-Man Web Shops Fall Short
Any good website must encourage page visits and customer interactions through:
1. Optimized visibility
2. Simplified navigation
3. Thoughtfully designed visual elements that contribute to overall brand stability
4. Up-to-date, correct content

To create a website that meets, if not exceeds, these standards a web design team would need a thorough understanding of:
1. SEO keyword creation strategy and technical programming integration
2. Webpage usability and navigation enhancement strategies and tests
3. Web-based graphic design knowledge
4. A careful, patient eye for content proof-checking, grounded by an marketing-oriented background

That’s a lot of skills to demand of just a one or two person IT team, and those are just the basics. The list grows longer if you plan for your website to run deeper than a few pages or tie into an accompanying mobile site, a near necessity in our digitized, on-the-go consumer society.

Partner Up for Success
By working with a web-marketing partner, you free up the employees within your business to concentrate upon the full scope of their own job responsibilities, pausing only when necessary to make content updates to your new, organized, optimized web presence. Once your business has a correctly designed and constructed website set in place even major feature alterations and additions become easier and more cost effective to integrate. Most web marketers are only too happy to build upon an organization’s web framework when they know it has been correctly constructed from the ground up, unrestricted by the technical red tape of “go-to” proprietary content management systems (CMS).

Don’t put your business’ reputation at risk. Make the investment in your venture’s future and entrust your website’s creation to a skilled web-marketing partner to ensure that its content, design, SEO and navigation professionally and effectively communicate your purpose.